More cat, but of course

10:20 PM at 10:20 PM

Welcome to my (katie's) first official blog. Wiiiith...more pictures of the cat, who is getting big. Not so big though...and still with the razor sharp kitten teeth.

Pictures of our new HOUSE to follow shortly
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6:17 PM at 6:17 PM

Yup, nothing but class.
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6:15 PM at 6:15 PM

This weekend was the big one year anniversary for Katie and I, so we spent it camping with Tristan and Terri up in the Unitas. It was gorgeous up there, but really, really cold at night. Food, friends and the great outdoors, what more can one hope for?

As you can see, we only camp in style.
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10:28 AM at 10:28 AM

Straight from the mouth of my wife: "The effects of Catzirra." What a lady.

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