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Okay, so I've gotten a lot of slack for not posting the blog recently. Couple of things have been going on that have made it difficult for me to post things. (**SPOILER ALERT** The following contains lame excuses)

I can't find the power cord to charge my camera. It's been lost somewhere in the mess of our house that is still pretty much in a state of unrest. So since I can't charge my camera, I can't take any new pictures, and if I can't take any new pictures, I can't post any new pictures...and I figured, who wants to just listen to me rant about losing my camera power cord? I'm trying to find a new one, but I suspect that Casio will be a bitch about the whole thing. You never know though, I suppose.

Katie and I went to Chicago for her friend Sarah's wedding. It was pretty sweet. I had never been to Chicago so it was pretty fun for me to go. I dragged Katie and Alex (Katie's college roommate) to some buildings that I thought were cool but they thought looked like every other building they've ever seen. I pointed out that it was because these ones came first and were so influential that everyone else copied them....though they seemed unmoved regardless.

The pantry is done, shelves in, painted and everything. I am currently painting the hallway between just about every room in the house (right outside the pantry/kitchen/bedroom1/bedroom2/bathroom) and it's a pain in the butt. There is almost no wall surface, but about a billion things to paint around, so the whole room is basically cutting in.

But that's where we are in life. Kona just keeps eating and getting larger. At what point do they go from "still growing" to "morbidly obese?"

Mugshot for the ages

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Projects continue to roll on. I finished putting a new light, switch and outlet in the pantry, and a new light fixture in the hallway. This task involved a lot of above-ceiling work, moving insulation, etc. As a result, I spent most of the day completely filthy...this lovely picture shows the state in which I spent most of the afternoon.

Unfortunately, I think I bear a passing resemblance to this guy.

The stand-in for our child (the cat) is still cute and does not enjoy all of the construction. She had to go to the vet to get her rabies vaccine (which I am told was a traumatic experience for her, the vet and Katie). When she was there she got weighed. She is 350% times larger than when we first got her...only 4 months ago. That would be like me gaining 5 and a half pounds every day for 4 months. I'd be dead. She, on the other hand, is still cute.

I'll put some pictures of the house up soon. Despite all the work I've done, it really doesn't look any different or better. Some (Katie) might say it looks worse.
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