Happy bath

9:25 PM at 9:25 PM

We've got bath time down now. Thanks Melissa for the super suggestion, it made all the difference. (space heater in the room, brilliant!)

7:35 AM at 7:35 AM

Note the multiple pacifiers required. He has preferences.

Also, it is way easier to photograph a sleeping baby. But he is awake quite a lot, despite the lack of documentation.

Location:Successful(ish) napping

Tummy time

9:58 PM at 9:58 PM

Owen had been "enjoying" some tummy time earlier in the evening and Kona decided that if it was good enough for Owen, it was good enough for her.

The quilt was a homemade gift o Owen from my aunt Nancy, one of the finest quilt makers around. Thanks Aunt Nancy!

First football game!

9:04 PM at 9:04 PM

New stadium and the whole family was out to experience it. Owen loves football.

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A thinking man's man.

10:27 PM at 10:27 PM

First full bath

10:27 PM at 10:27 PM

As you can see...it did not go so well...

We got better with the second one...

Nap time

4:34 PM at 4:34 PM


Owen and Girlfriend #1

4:33 PM at 4:33 PM

Owen and Tessa.

First Dinner Out

4:31 PM at 4:31 PM

We ventured out for our first dinner away from the house on Friday. We got the one thing that Katie has been missing most, sushi.  Owen did great during dinner, so that was reassuring.  That night, however, was another story. We're not sure if he just wanted to be fussy or the sushi was not his thing, but he was super angry around 3 in the morning. We're hoping it's the fussy option.

Owen's Hospital Photos

6:04 PM at 6:04 PM

So we thought these pictures were great. And they are quite good, though probably not as good as we thought in the moment. These guys definitely have a system down. The take pictures of your newborn while you're all full of the day after birth bliss and show them to you and of COURSE they are going to be fantastic. A grainy cell phone picture of your new baby looks like it deserves to be in a museum, so who wouldn't want professional quality pictures? It's kind of a racket, but we were fell for it. That being said, we're actually pretty happy with the decision.

Night time

9:21 AM at 9:21 AM

So cute.

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Grandparents came by for dinner

8:43 PM at 8:43 PM

Thank you for dinner!

The Aunties arrive

8:29 PM at 8:29 PM

Such shear joy is visible in their little faces. The race for favorite aunt begins now.

First Day home

3:38 PM at 3:38 PM


3:34 PM at 3:34 PM

The first visit from the grandparents!

Day One

3:30 PM at 3:30 PM

The first bath. It was traumatic for the little guy.

Owen Michael Oderda

3:03 PM at 3:03 PM

He was born July 23, 2010 at 9:34 pm and weighed 5 lbs 15 oz.

Two beautiful members of the family.