Thanks L

8:14 AM at 8:14 AM

I am not 100% clear on how/why this came about, but thanks L for taking the time to honour our little Kona...with a butterfly-filled rainbow land.

Post-hiatus Projects

10:02 PM at 10:02 PM

Yes, we have taken some time away from putting anything up here, and from doing anything on the house. We know. We are sorry. But this weekend marked the jumping back in to working on the house, even if it's only small projects now. I finished the top to the bench on the deck (something I have been putting off for a month and only took about 2 hours). I also put in the spice rack shelving that Katie has been bugging me about for about 8 months. Yay progress!

Just a reminder of the before. Pretty swell progress, huh?