Whitney's birthday outing

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The Kennecot Copper Mine is the worlds largest man made excavation. Haven't been here since fourth grade, but it hasn't gotten any smaller.

Big tire.

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Happy birthday Katie

1:35 PM at 1:35 PM

So this is late and I don't have any pictures from the brunch fir her birthday (12 bottles of champagne and 10 lbs of brown sugar bacon though, so you know it was awesome) but here are Katie's birthday presents from me.


They are both practical AND awesome.

CANstruction 2009

8:24 AM at 8:24 AM

On Monday our office built out 2009 entry to the CANstruction competition. If anyone is unaware, CANstruction is an event where architects and contractors get together and build sculptures out of cans that will eventually be donated to the local food bank.

This year, our entry was titled "1 in 8" which represented the statistic that 1 out of every 8 people in our country go without enough food every day. That works out to about 36 million people suffer from food insecurity. See if you can tell which entry was ours!

This is a good view of the whole field, so you can see what every one did. One is a pair of curving planes of cans (that fell down 3 times during construction), the state of Utah, the Cat in the Hat's hat, and 1 in 8.

Our entry. Last year we won 4 of the 5 awards that were given. We are hoping to win a couple this year. If you're in Salt Lake, swing by and check them out...and vote for ours for people's choice.

Preview for tommorrow

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There are 5 more pans just like this in my fridge, just waiting for brown sugar.


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