Bath time acrobatics

9:01 PM at 9:01 PM

Owen figured out how to turn himself around in the bath. I guess he was ready for the deep end.

Merry Christmas (almost)

9:15 PM at 9:15 PM


All told, these cookies took 12 sticks of butter. Sorry everyone!


8:52 PM at 8:52 PM

Last week, we (and our pediatrician) decided it was time to start Owen on some solids

Owen heard he was getting something other than milk for dinner and wasn't sure what to think.The bib was more exciting. So exciting in fact, that we had to get him naked to focus on the task at hand.
And then he got it.

And liked it!

All Tuckered Out

6:49 AM at 6:49 AM

Owen ran out of energy for any more pictures, but who can resist a sleeping baby?

3 Month Photos

7:44 AM at 7:44 AM

Just a little preview