Paul is really, REALLY old.

5:02 PM at 5:02 PM

These are pictures from Paul's 30th birthday. His birthday was last weekend. I have been really bad about posting anything, and I will try to be better. No promises though. I don't owe you anything.

We went to PFChangs for dinner and then to Poplar Street Pub for drinks. I quite enjoyed Poplar Street and would like to spend more time there.

Unfortunately I was never able to get the picture that Paul requested for his birthday. It was of a rather large guy (with a mullet if memory serves) in a sweatshirt that had "the C word" on it (the actual word...yeah, the bad one) in 12" high letters. I got too scared to ask to take his picture.

This is the only picture I have where Paul is smiling and/or not making a face at the camera. I was really excited about this one.