A year in roundup part I

5:47 AM at 5:47 AM

So this year has been really busy. For anyone following this blog, however, it looks like we've done like 6 things all year. But that is not the case! We have some good stuff that happened this year and I'm hoping to be able share some of it here, if for no other reason than to remember what has happened while we go forward onto new adventures.

So in light of that, here are a couple of pictures from Katie's graduation party way back in May. It was a fun celebration and Kona and I are all still pretty darned proud of her, though Kona frequently has a funny way of showing it.

A job well done

9:04 PM at 9:04 PM

We just finished decorating our tree and now we are taking a well deserved opportunity to enjoy it.

View from the couch.

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