Birthday Recap

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Thanks to everyone who made my birthday super awesome (most notably my lovely wife who is the greatest). For everyone who wasn't able to make it, you missed a good time, and I am sure you are properly saddened such that I need not shame you any more.

Unfortunately, due to my continual lack of camera cord (I know, I know) there were few pictures from the party. Though even if I had my camera, by the end of the evening it probably would have ended up in someones beer, or the toilet, or maybe one of the stray cats in the neighborhood. For those who have a desire to be terrified, Paul actually managed to surreptitiously take a photo of myself in my awesomely-terrifying costume (I was the tooth-fairy). I swear, I was not posing for this picture, and I will pester Paul until it has been burned. But until that time, enjoy! A word to those who might have small children, I suggest that you direct their eyes away from the screen before clicking.

And just in time for the actual Halloween season, I am (by stealing) providing a costume everyone can wear this year! The link to the website is


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As of 12 minutes ago, I am now officially closer to 30 than I am to 20. Crazy.

Weddin' Pictures

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This is Mike showing that he can dance much better than I can. Thanks, Mike, for showing me up.
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It's almost my (John's) Birthday...and that means, as most of you probably know, we are going to be having a costume birthday party. Hopefully by now everyone has gotten their costume together, unlike myself, and is ramping up to party. It's a big weekend for parties (I know of 4 others that weekend) so everyone needs to bring their A game.

For those out-of-staters reading, I know Utah might be a long distance to go just for a costume party, but I will remind you that it is NOT a long way to go to see me. So Friday evening I will expect to see each and every one of you.

Bonus trivia: What was Michael Meyer's mask made from? (I gave false information recently not because I didn't know the answer but because I wanted to fool people)

Duke Sucks

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So I still don't have my camera cord, so there are still no new pictures. I'm still rocking on the house, finally moved on to the kitchen. Katie finished painting the hallway and putting the hardware back on, so really the last place to need to overhaul is the kitchen. I've put in a couple new cabinets already and they look lovely. Next will come countertops, updating the plumbing and putting a dishwasher in, painting, and a new floor. I should be done by March maybe.

As everyone knows (do they?) I love fall and Halloween. It totally trumps, Christmas, Chanukah, May Day, Robonukah, all put together. It's just lame that it's only one day instead of the month long celebration it deserves to be. So because of that, we need to celebrate...with costumes and perhaps some alcohol. Where is the party at? Probably not at my place since it's still a construction zone...but it's gotta be somewhere. At Terri's birthday party Tristan promised to be a retired American Gladiator for Halloween, so if any of you want to see him in some spandex coveralls you best attend.

The real reason for this post is in honor of my sister's homecoming. She is on fall break this week from Duke Law, where she is doing well and making us all so proud. However, being a Terp, I (like most everyone else in the country) hate Duke. Everything about them speaks "I'm compensating for something" from their Cameron Crazies to that midget Mike Krzyzewski. So it is in her honor that I post this video (which I just figured out how to do btw). Enjoy!