Don't tell my wife I've posted this

12:45 PM at 12:45 PM

I think she is beautiful.

New York, New York

7:10 AM at 7:10 AM

Katie and I recently took a trip to New York and DC (and Richmond for Katie). It was a great chance to see friends and family and it was an all around great trip. Now that we have internet at our new house and we are "settled" down enough to give me 15 minutes to upload pictures and put them here, I have! I will post some from DC later on. Also, there are other things going on in our lives (like having a baby, for one) that I might do something about.

This is the Ghostbusters headquarters! Their sign is strangely absent.

Ah, sisters.

Katie looks cute and pregnant...I just look warm. This was from the top of Rockefeller Center. Top 'o the Rock.

We had Easter brunch at Robert De Niro's place in Tribeca. It was tasty.

This is a tree from Robert De Niro's place in Tribeca.

Katie and my friend Evan's beautiful wife Lesley in Central park.

I don't know this guys name...but he is intense.

I loves me some Evan.

And Evan loves him some dogs.

My old roommate Eric and Katie in front of an interactive display at MoMA. I could have spent days in MoMA.


I don't think Katie was winning.

The new Cooper Union building. Not too shabby.

Bryant Park was pretty nice even though they had re-seeded or something so the entire lawn was roped off and unusable.

Okay, this is the one of the New York court houses. It's relatively un-noteworthy, I guess unless you are a lawyer OR you are obsessed with Law and Order, SVU, like we are. Unfortunately, Katie refused to let me take a picture of her walking down the stairs at an angle, the preferred exit route for anyone leaving that building on the show.

Crazy dutch spelled it wrong. Take that Etta.