Does it get any cuter?

10:33 PM at 10:33 PM

So cute.
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City Creek

10:29 PM at 10:29 PM

Katie, Deirdre and I went on hike up Memory Grove/City Creek Canyon this weekend. The weather was lovely, unlike the past few days. It was a lovely little Sunday.

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Obligatory Kona shots...

10:33 PM at 10:33 PM

Yup, still cute even after I went away for 4 days. She has gained a pound since we got her. She is going to be a porker.

Curious and intense.

She got stuck between my leg and the couch and decided to just take a nap.
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What happens in Vegas, gets posted on a blog

10:23 PM at 10:23 PM

Some non-incriminating photos from my trip to Vegas. Not financially lucrative, but a whole lot of fun. Derek, Matt, Eric and Phil all flew in from Rochester, DC, Manhattan, and Orlando respectively. Some more later. Katie didn't come (bros before hoes and what not), but she is still cool.

Me and the old One(it looks more like 3)-Arm-Bandit at the Frontier Casino. $2 frozen Margaritas. Booyah.

Derek and Matt on the "Big" keyboard in F.A.O. Schwartz in Caesars. I think the blond hair makes Derek Robert Loggia.

We ended the trip at the In-N-Out Burger. Good stuff, but Derek didn't inform me of the secret menu items until after I ordered. Jerk.
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4:51 PM at 4:51 PM

The first victim of Kona! Our priceless ($12) paper lamp from Ikea took a beating the other day under the weight of her. In hindsight, probably should have seen that one coming. Being a stay at home dad is starting to take its toll...I too am looking out the window at passing cars with amazement.

The monastic retreat of Huntsville Utah is under attack.

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9:59 PM at 9:59 PM

More adventures from Kona. She had another big day of sleeping, playing, sleeping, playing, sleeping, etc. Unfortunately, I had to break the trust I had spent two days carefully building by taking her to the vet today...the rectal thermometer was suprising and unpleasant. But she was back to bounding around in no time.

First nap of the day...first of many.
We spent all this money on toys for her, and her favorite play thing is a piece of cardboard. Great.
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Our new kitty, Kona

9:03 PM at 9:03 PM

We would like to introduce the newest member of our little family. We adopted Kona from the No More Homeless Pets fair going on this weekend. She is about 10 weeks old, weighs 2 lbs, and is no longer terrified of us. She is grey with light spots of orange, we suspect she might turn out somewhat calico. She is still getting used to our house and still seems quite unsure as to who we are. But we think she will come around really quick. More to follow.

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Our first blog

8:50 PM at 8:50 PM

We've finally caved and joined the blogspot club. Hopefully we'll actually have things to post and this will not die within the first week!