What happens in Vegas, gets posted on a blog

10:23 PM at 10:23 PM

Some non-incriminating photos from my trip to Vegas. Not financially lucrative, but a whole lot of fun. Derek, Matt, Eric and Phil all flew in from Rochester, DC, Manhattan, and Orlando respectively. Some more later. Katie didn't come (bros before hoes and what not), but she is still cool.

Me and the old One(it looks more like 3)-Arm-Bandit at the Frontier Casino. $2 frozen Margaritas. Booyah.

Derek and Matt on the "Big" keyboard in F.A.O. Schwartz in Caesars. I think the blond hair makes Derek Robert Loggia.

We ended the trip at the In-N-Out Burger. Good stuff, but Derek didn't inform me of the secret menu items until after I ordered. Jerk.
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