I know, I know

7:31 AM at 7:31 AM

Blah, blah, blah, not enough posts, blah, blah, we've been busy, blah, blah.

Let's not do the whole apology things. Let's just pretend I'm better at putting stuff here and you care.

Katie is graduating! Finally. The other night was the graduation banquet for the graduating class, a nice little affair. We are both really excited that she will be finished. If anyone feels that their days are not filled with enough pomp AND/OR circumstance, we'll be doing the actual graduation on Friday, so come on down!

I'm not sure of a good name that this group should have. Historically there have been Dynamic Duos, Three Musketeers, and Four....I don't know? Four Horsemen is what comes to mind, but that would be a little dark. Any suggestions?


They took this photo twice, the first time Ghazal kicked Katie and the second time she punched her in the chest.