11:19 PM at 11:19 PM

Just try and tell me these floors don't look kick ass. Go on, give it a shot, jerk.

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8:02 AM at 8:02 AM

People apparently were unable to see the earlier post, so I am trying it again.
For you it only takes 2 seconds to watch this process, for me, it took 2 hours.

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10:58 PM at 10:58 PM

I'm a master. Bow to me.
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Time Lapse part 2

6:23 AM at 6:23 AM

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Operation: Refinish

6:19 AM at 6:19 AM

The first major project of the new house is refinishing the hardwood floors. Underneath the nasty carpet were some really nice looking oak floors. Unfortunately there were some bad petstained spots, so we decided to refinish them. Some heavy duty sanders (and a lot of help from Tristan, Terri, Gina and my parents) made light work of the finish.

The bedroom was the first to be finished. Titties
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New house Part deux!

8:16 AM at 8:16 AM

Yup, kitchen needs some work. But nothing an accomplished jerk like myself can't handle, with a little help from my friends. Check out that killer vintage stove! Back yard is hurting a little bit, but oh so much potential.

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New House!

8:13 AM at 8:13 AM

We are the proud owners of our very first house as of two days ago! It needs some work (don't judge it too harshly I've only just got the keys!) but it will be killer when we get it all done. We plan on doing the floors, painting and updating the kitchen. And yard work. Lots of yard work. So much to do, but it should be fun.

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