New Lights!

10:11 PM at 10:11 PM

New Lights! I spent all weekend up in my Attic rewiring and installing some new lights in the Kitchen and Dining rooms. It was dirty and was potentially dangerous...what's not to like? I encountered some difficult (for me) to understand wiring while trying to tackle the dining room light. It took me a while of looking at the existing wiring to figure out that I needed to draw what I was seeing. Then it took me longer to figure out that I needed to talk about what I was seeing. Then we figured it out. And it all works.

The Kitchen light doesn't have the same sense of drama it seems...but it is highly functional.

Kona's New Spot

10:05 PM at 10:05 PM

Kona isn't really any different than any other cat, she will seek out the highest spot she can and just sit there. Seems kind of dull to me. She just figured out that she could make it up to our wine shelves. If she weren't cute, I'd probably be mad.

Beautiful wife

12:05 AM at 12:05 AM

A visit from Royalty!

8:07 PM at 8:07 PM

Sir. Maxwell Shepherd graced our home with his presence recently! It was the first event of it's kind for our humble home and we are most honored with his decision to sleep on our table for a short while.

Kona was suspicious and curious, but did not suck his breath out, putting that nasty rumor to bed once and for all.

And now for some random bathroom photos.

The washcloth's presence on this pristine piece of enamel calls to mind relaxed Sunday mornings and the rituals that common people once had. Also, there is a contact case in the foreground. Doesn't everyone love the foreground?

The cat is huge!

In progress...

9:25 PM at 9:25 PM

We have a few projects going on at once. Here are some pictures from installing the stainless backsplash, in attempts to finish the kitchen up. The tape is now off and it just needs some caulk and outlet covers.

I was "convinced" that we needed to do something about the ugly vanity and associated hardware in our bathroom.
And here I have done something about it.
Still in progress, but it's looking pretty good.

Happy Birthday Konester.

1:07 PM at 1:07 PM

Today (or yesterday or tomorrow or so) is Kona's birthday, near as we can figure. I know some might accuse us of being crazy cat people, but we don't have kids or dogs, so we go with what works. In honor of the occasion, some cute kitten shots

7:31 PM at 7:31 PM

First, a special congratulations to Maxwell Ronin Shepherd on being born this week. It was a hard fought battle and you came out on top little guy. Also congratulations to the new parents, I've only seen you guys be parents for four days and I can already tell you are the best.

Slow but steady progress has been made to the kitchen. All the trim was painted a couple weekends ago, but it still looks pretty awesome. The stainless back splash around the stove went up and will be followed by stainless under our other cabinets later. I was also able to hang up some kitchen 'accessories' like sweet knife racks and shelves.

We have also finally brought all the boxes with kitchen stuff up and everything is (more or less) away. It only took us 7 months, sweet. artsy.