Sod Party!

3:52 PM at 3:52 PM

We had a pretty sweet sod party this morning. Over 100 people committed to come and help lay sod, but most of them flaked out. Only the most dedicated actually made it to our house. Or back yard looks really nice now. I just have to make sure that my brown thumb doesn't kill it. If so, Sod Party Part II, this time next year.

The ceremonial first course. Tristan seems be doing the most work at the moment.


The finished result. So lush and green. And while we have had to water the hell out of it right now, it is draught tolerant grass so it should require less water overall...assuming it takes.

The sod fairies left a message in the place of our future deck.


DavĂ­d said...

Dude, you didn't invite me! And I love sodding!

Melissa said...

Wow Kaite that looks awesome! Much better then the before pics!