3:52 PM at 3:52 PM

These are some camping pictures from a couple of weekends ago. We went up the mirror lake highway and camped at mirror lake. It was a lot of fun. My sister was in town with...Greg. Them, along with my cousin Kay Kay and my friend Whitney from work came up and hung out for the weekend. Highlights from the weekend:

- the hour and a half we waited for a mediocre burger and a decent milkshake at the local burger place.
- the 53 miles (round trip) that we traveled to get more beer because we (again) didn't plan well enough.
- the 34 beers that we left the camp site with (as a result of over-excited purchasing)
- the 6 eggs that mysteriously ended up on the ground
- the fact that the bear that snuck into some lady's tent was at a different camp ground down the road.

This is my impersonation of a Tyrannosaurus...pretty good, isn't it?

Cute. Aw.


Rachel and Jason said... guys canoed? I'm sorry I missed that. Did anyone make a baby on that camping trip???

ryan and melissa said...

Looks like fun. Thanks for updating your blog... more please!