Basement progress

7:40 AM at 7:40 AM

So, as many of you know, I have been working way too many hours recently (in fact I am about to head there right now, at 8 am on a Saturday!) which means, among other things, nothing is getting done on our house projects. I was able to get some work done on the basement one weekend, but the projects there are still in the works.

The stairs were needed because termite damage from before we purchased the house had turned the stringers and treads into mush. Also I took a sweet spill using my back to break about 3 of the treads, so that was good. If you look close you can see that part of the wall, which is sweet old school tongue and groove, was also in pretty bad shape so I replaced that as well. Our friend Steve, who is a carpenter, came over and gave me a lesson in stair building.

Much needed tool storage/organization.

The Foosball table lives again! Who wants some? This is what Katie refers to as my "man cave," which reminds me of the scene in Juno where Ellen Page says to Jason Bateman after seeing his room where he keeps all his cool stuff "She gave you your own room in... in your whole house? For your stuff?"