Bath time acrobatics

9:01 PM at 9:01 PM

Owen figured out how to turn himself around in the bath. I guess he was ready for the deep end.

Merry Christmas (almost)

9:15 PM at 9:15 PM


All told, these cookies took 12 sticks of butter. Sorry everyone!


8:52 PM at 8:52 PM

Last week, we (and our pediatrician) decided it was time to start Owen on some solids

Owen heard he was getting something other than milk for dinner and wasn't sure what to think.The bib was more exciting. So exciting in fact, that we had to get him naked to focus on the task at hand.
And then he got it.

And liked it!

All Tuckered Out

6:49 AM at 6:49 AM

Owen ran out of energy for any more pictures, but who can resist a sleeping baby?

3 Month Photos

7:44 AM at 7:44 AM

Just a little preview

Road trippin'

12:04 PM at 12:04 PM

Me 'n a giraffe.

Future Mr. & Mrs.?

8:04 PM at 8:04 PM

It's a little old, but still cute. Though I suppose "old" is all relative...

Perfect Sunday Morning

10:16 AM at 10:16 AM

Does it get any better than this?

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4th Annual Halloween Bash!

10:19 PM at 10:19 PM

The 4th Annual Halloween/Birthday Bash was a resounding (correct me if I'm wrong) success again this year! Everyone really stepped up the costumes, which was surprising since last year's costumes were so excellent as well.

Here are a selection of costumes in no particular order. Apologies if your costume isn't's not that I didn't think it was great, I just didn't get a good picture of it. [A special apology to Paul: I'm really sorry I didn't get a picture of your costume. It was the most awesome one you have worn and I was feeling too much joy seeing you in it to remember the camera.]

Hands down the best children's costume (sorry Owen)

Mario, Luigi and Toad!  This picture doesn't do Owen's costume justice. Katie made all the parts for it and it was fantastic.

The youngest (as far as we know?!) participant in the Halloween festivities.

Aunt Mary's Visit

9:51 PM at 9:51 PM

I think he likes her.

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Happy Birthday John!

6:52 PM at 6:52 PM

We sure do love you.

Our Little Goomba

9:11 AM at 9:11 AM

Wearing what amounts to a white wife-beater and a baby blue sweat suit, Owen is channeling his Italian heritage. All he needs now is some chest hair and a few gold chains and he is set.

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Coach/Grandpa Mike in action

10:51 PM at 10:51 PM

Owen was actually awake for most of this football game and he loved every minute of it! Grandpa Mike was very excited to have Owen there.

Judge won heartilly, btw.
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Also too big...

10:19 PM at 10:19 PM

But it will be super cute super soon.

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Too Big!

10:18 PM at 10:18 PM

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One cool baby

10:05 PM at 10:05 PM

Some playtime with a visually stimulating (read: kind of busy for our tastes, good for baby) play mat. Also some super cool clothes. Thanks secret gift giver! (note: the gift giver is not actually secret, I just don't remember who it was who gave it to us. Katie is much better at this than I am. But you know who are, mr/mrs secret gift giver.)