Merry Fake Christmas

1:07 PM at 1:07 PM

This morning I failed at breakfast. Tristan and Terri and I had a lovely breakfast yesterday, where everything went as planned. Except our friend Adam could not make it, that was not planned. But this morning I was trying to recreate it for Katie because she was not there, and nothing went right. First, it seems that the second batch of muffins I made yesterday didn't cook at all and were mush inside.

Then, adding insult to injury I tried to make brown sugar bacon,which we made yesterday and was probably the best thing that I have ever had involving bacon, which is saying a lot. This morning's attempt, however, turned out less favorably.

That picture was taken with Katie's phone, so it's a little blurry, but it's 100% as burned as it looks. I think this bacon was fattier than the bacon we made yesterday, so the grease ran all off the pan and into the oven, creating so much smoke we had to evacuate the house for a while, and a couple of flames reminding us that we really, really need to get some fire extinguishers. Also, our smoke detectors are sitting on a self in a package. Umm, and we probably have rusty nails all over the floor and...I don't know, other dangerous things we should be chastised for.

Everything turned out alright in the end, we exchanged gifts, drank some coffee, enjoyed each other's company. A nice fake Christmas after all. Also, I found the image below, and it reminded me of funny things.

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Rachel and Jason said...

Wow, now I see why you got off the phone with me in a hurry! Hmmm...burnt bacon.